Pitfalls of Optimism

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Shiva Verma

12/16/20212 min read

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Thought(s) for the week

Are you also trapped in this continuous cycle of thoughts about 'To-Do Lists', 'Habits' and 'Schedules', without actually getting things done?

Do you also get jacked up late at night, believing in yourself and hoping to do a lot more tomorrow?This is seriously a trap - of endless procrastination and unforgiving guilt that stems from time wasted. If we're sailing in the same boat, Hi5! I know it's not worth rejoicing about, but the stupid comfort that comes from drowning together...Nah! I am relentlessly looking out for ways to overcome this.Been through a Time Management Course and a Podcast recently, which helped me look at my habits from a different perspective.Here's something you wouldn't cherish, but can try out.Mr. Nir Eyal talks about burning a high-value currency note when you don't do something you intended to. YES - BURNING IT!

And it worked for him. Listen to him talking about it here.

Hit me up if you are willing to try this radical method - you can be my accountability partner!

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Hope that went well. Now,

What are you uncomfortable/unsure about with respect to English usage and/or your communication skills?

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Some content that you can browse through:

- A blog about the problems we face with Vocabulary, and a really cool tool to overcome them:

ExamBazaar Blog

Use Code Shiva10 to get 10% off on these absolutely useful cards.

- A video on IELTS Listening - Maps. If you get lost while listening to directions, this is the one for you!

Listening to Maps

With this I'll take your leave. Will get back again next week with some new thoughts, exercises and facts!

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